Acro Team

IGC’s Acro Gymnastic program is where groups of athletes display a combination of artistry, dance, & acrobatics.

Strength, flexibility, and choreographed flight skills are displayed in groups of 2, 3, or 4 athletes. Every group competes 3 routines in each competition: Balance, Dynamic, & Combined.

Balance Routines consist of numerous displays of strength and poise. Each performance includes static holds,  pyramids, and flexibility elements choreographed to music.

Dynamic Routines are filled with throws, pitches, and tumbling skills. The athletes display power, precision, and timeliness as a unit throughout these performances.

And finally, the Combined Routine is exactly as it sounds, a mix of all necessary elements that make-up a competitive acro group.  These amazing athletes are coached by Sabina Knight, 4 time National Champion and 3 time World Championships Team Member.

Check out this video clip to see IGC athletes Emma Fitzgerald and Teyler Robinson from West Sacramento are representing the U.S at the international AcroGymnastics competition in Switzerland. 

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