Kinder Gymnastics

IGC’s Moms, Pops, & Tots program introduces toddlers to gymnastic in a safe and fun environment.

While being accompanied by a coach AND an adult family member, students focus on gross motor skill development, coordination, balance, and strength.

This is where parents help their children get comfortable in our facility prior to their advancement into our individual classes.

This class is designed for children of both genders, ages 18 months to 3 years.

IGC’s Tiny Tots program teaches basic gymnastics to preschoolers in a fun and playful way

While enhancing bodily awareness and building strength, children gain the foundation they will need for their future in our more advanced gymnastics programs.

This is the best starting place to develop the motor skills necessary for further athletic development.
IGC’s Kinder program is where children get to gradually move from the tiny tot area onto the full-sized gym equipment.

This move into the “big kid” area is a fun and exciting adventure for these developing athletes.

This is where children not only perfect their basic gymnastics skills, but also gain confidence and focus they need to work on more challenging skills.

This class is designed for children of both genders, age 4 to 5.

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  1. Hello I have my 2 year old daughter that I am interested in putting in gymnastics. I was wondering what the prices where and how much class time per price.

  2. Hello I would like to know more information on how to enroll my 3 year old daughter Aileen. Also, would like to know the class time and the prices.

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