Boys Junior Olympic Team


IGC’s Boys & Girls Artistic Teams are collections of IGC’s individual athletes at the highest levels.

These gymnasts practice anywhere from 9 – 20 hours per week in Junior Olympic Levels 3 – 10. Their competitions are held throughout California, the greater Western United States, and nationally at the higher levels.

These programs are divided into 3 larger subcategories: Developmental Team, Compulsories, & Optionals.

Developmental Teams are comprised of athletes that are not quite at competitive stages, but have been invited from our typical recreational program in transition to the Compulsory Program.

Compulsory gymnasts at IGC are in the early competitive levels of the sport. They travel throughout the state of California, performing routines that are focused on the foundational skills to make up the root of their artistic discipline. At competitions, you will see all gymnasts in the United States showing the same routines at the same levels.

Optional gymnasts are our most-advanced individual athletes at our facility. While their routines include mandatory elements, these performances also include tailored displays of each gymnasts abilities in skills, strength, & flexibility. The eventual goal for these athletes is to progress towards the elite levels of our sport and/or collegiate scholarship ambitions.

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